Can you make money with solo ads?

You can, but it takes some efforts. Depends on the offer you promote, landing page and targeting, of course!

I bought 500 clicks last month from and made 2 sales on the front-end 

as an clickfunnels affiliate! That was my best solo ad to date. I guess it's possible only when you 

put in the efforts though.I've seen many people use the same followup sequence, same everything 

and then they expect sales. It does't happen that way in reality. You need to add your own touch 

and base your product around clickfunnels to succeed. 

Not just that, you have to make sure what you're buying. Make sure you're promoting a dog product to

an audience who loves dogs. Promoting a cat product to people who're interested in dating won't

work very well, you'll only lose money. Targeting is extremely important, always know the niche of the

lists from your solo ad provider.

Don't expect to make your money back on the front-end, doesn't happen that way. Focus on collecting

the subscribers and building a quality mailing list, it's an asset in the long run. Be persistent and good

things will happen. :)